SPL Cards

Convenient and safe offline storage for the Solana ecosystem.

We built gorgeous black metal cards for offline storage of Solana, SPL tokens and NFT’s. These SPL Cards combine high convenience and high security in a stunning design.


What are SPL Cards?

Great for those well-versed in crypto, and for those that are new.

SPL Cards offer highly convenient and safe storage of crypto. Jus tap the card with your mobile - and easily access your funds.

Imagine spending 5-10 minutes looking for your hadware wallet, needing to go through your laptop instead of mobile, getting a usb cable, needing to start up programs, setting up accounts, sending in a copy of your passport to exchanges... This is just an aweful user experience, we can do so much better.

SPL Cards are stunning black metal cards that make it extremely easy to safely manage and store your crypto. You have offline custody, so no risk of getting hacked, service providers disappearing, and other online risks. Just safely stored in your own custody. All while enjoying the piece of art they are stored on.

The easiest way to safely access your tokens.

Simply tap your SPL Card and access your funds. It's like magic 🪄

How it works

Quick set up, unlimited safe storage.
Generate a new wallet in the SPL Cards app, write down the recovery phrase in the supplied Recovery booklet and scan the SPL Card to finish the set-up. Optionally, a user can encrypt the SPL Card with a pincode.

To access your balance and token overview, simply tap the card with your mobile. When making a transaction, scan the SPL Card with the app. SPL Cards are non-custodial, so you and only you can access your funds using your SPL Card.



spl-card-focus spl-card-focus

85.6mm x 53.98mm (creditcard size).

Stainless steel + black anodized.

Holds Solana and SPL tokens.

NFC / NTAG wireless chip.

Waterproof, 45 gram.



An app as gorgeous as the cards.

SPL Cards works with the device you use most - your mobile phone.

Users create their wallet and set-up the SPL Card through the SPL Cards app. The app is free and will available on both iOS and Android. It makes interacting with your SPL Card a breeze. Just open the app and tap the card. It’s really that simple to use. When scanning your SPL Card, the app shows you the tokens that are custodied on the SPL Card. NFT's are coming soon.

Android app is live in the Play Store.
The iOS app is live in the App Store.

Order your SPL Card today!

We ship worldwide. In case of questions, message us on hello@spl.cards.